Morning Meditation and Mandala: Finding A Word to Hold Onto

Finding A Word to Hold Onto

Yesterday, I woke without a schedule or agenda. I took my time waking up, intentionally paying attention to each breath moving in and out. I decided to sink deeper into that momentary serenity, something that seems harder and harder to do in these chaotic and uncertain times, and began to recite the word "calm" in my mind with each exhalation. Next, I began to try out different words with each breath to see if I could find one that resonated more clearly. Calm . . . Soft . . . Still . . . Remember. That was it. Remember! A word that was inviting me to go back to a time and place in my life when I was truly and authentically calm.

To help myself hold onto that feeling, I created a simple nature mandala in a location I would pass throughout the day. When I passed it, I could pause and visit that emotion and try to make is a recurring part of my day.

I encourage you to try this! Wake up slowly or take some time during the day to sink into your breath. Slow it down. Explore different calming words with each breath until you find one you connect with and has meaning for you. Then create a mandala around that feeling or meaning and place it somewhere you will see throughout the day.

The mandala can be very simple like mine which has hemlock pine cones from my favorite childhood trees and delicate flowers that feel as if they are beautiful while they rest.


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