A Place Called Wait

"Standing in A Burn Pile... " - Beth Adoette

We may not think about it often, especially in our individualistic and often self-centered society, but we are all connected. We all share a collective breath. We all feel the same constraints of earth's gravity. We all wake under the same marvelous, changing sky. And if we have learned nothing else from the current Covid 19 pandemic, we are all subject to the passing of time as we find ourselves in a common place called Wait.

Some of us have been only mildly inconvenienced thus far. Some of us find ourselves abruptly thrown into quarantine or self-isolation in various degrees of stringency and time. And some of us are in excruciating, terrifying situations waiting either for the outcomes of their own health issues or those of loved ones, often while physically isolated.

The other day I saw a friend's on social media that reflected their life during this pandemic which was obviously only mildly inconvenienced and looked like a welcome vacation. I am sincerely thankful that they are well and know there are many good things that can come from rest and seclusion. And I understand that humor can have a place in coping during this stressful time. It has felt good to laugh at the absurdity of some situations and behaviors. But this post made me stop and check myself to make sure that I am not forgetting that while we are all in a common time of waiting, it holds a huge spectrum of circumstances. My experience is not yours and yours is not mine, but we are all connected non the less. We cannot forget that.

In my present time of self-isolation with a lot more undistracted time, I remembered another time of personal waiting a couple years ago. I re-read my words and remembered how I experienced the passing of time. For me, then, there was nothing to do but wait. Wait for the earth to spin around the sun . . . again and again and again. And it does still spin. Time continues! Things change..