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New Path

"Standing in A Burn Pile... " - Beth Adoette

Trail markers on a downed tree.

I have a favorite conservation trust site that I like to hike. I must admit, however, that each time go, I always take the same trail. I check on a little stone circle I set up behind a stone wall years ago and usually walk the little loop three times because it is fairly short.

Yesterday, walking out of the trail, I noticed many trees down and a few with trail markers. It seemed to be telling me to take another path, so I did. It was a long trail with challenging elevation, something hard to find living near sea level. There was lots of mud, skunk cabbage, and wild strawberry blossoms. Beautiful rewards for a challenging walk.

I can't help but feel the downed marker trees are appropriate for how many of us have been feeling during this pandemic. Our old paths have been disrupted and the trail markers are missing or turned upside down.

So I will take the fallen tree markers as a challenge and encourage you to be challenged in a good way as well. Challenge yourself to take a new path, hear new sounds, feel new empathy, reach out to connect to more people, be more open, be brave.

© Beth Adoette


New Book

Now Available on Amazon!

My new book is available! Beauty Is, a collection of thoughts about Beauty and ninety nature mandala photographs is now available on Amazon! (It will be available on my web site in a few weeks.) Order here!


New Way to Connect


In this time of exceptional emotional stress, social distancing, and quarantine, where can we find community? Where can we find encouragement? Where can we feel safe enough to explore our own vulnerability, and still feel supported? I have a couple ideas!


A BEAUTIFUL MANDALA IN YOUR E-MAIL INBOX EVERY DAY! Never miss a daily circle. Use it as an invitation to pause, breathe, and contemplate the wonders of nature. Or use as a reminder to reflect on an intention, be grateful, meditate, or pray.

MONDAY MANDALA Challenge yourself to create and share a photo of your own nature mandala every week! These are open ended and can simply be an expression of gratitude and creation, honoring the moment. Upload photos on Mondays, be blessed by the work of others in the group, and get insightful feedback from your new circle of friends!

SHARE YOUR WORLD Remind yourself to get out into the nature and share a photo of your practice or adventure from the week! Especially now, this is a great way to see the world through and with others! Share your photo on Saturday!

DISCOUNTS Receive 20% off all Eco-Art Therapy classes at plus special discounts on books, prints, cards, etc. on

A BIG THANK YOU! Know that you are playing an important role by contributing your voice in this community! Your monthly support of $10. helps the group grow!

PANDEMIC MANDALA CLASS The first online mandala class is coming May 18. Sign up now. Limited Space available. See details here!

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