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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Miniature Mailable Frameable Prints with Envelopes

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The Story Behind The Images

It started on a whim! While completing my certification in Eco-Art Theray, I fell in love with ephemeral nature mandalas. I didn't own a camera at the time, so I borrowed my daughter's and decided to challenge myself to create a little nature mandala every day to share on social media. I loved it and continued the project for 1,000 consecutive days. While I am not making one every day, I continue to create them often and have passed the 1,500 mark.

This simple project had a profound impact on my life. Not having a garden or any place to grow things, I learned to look in ditches, along railroad tracks, and parking lots for little objects. Friends began to collect for me and I procured other interesting objects from around the world. The result is a series of photographs that taught me to look closer and pay attention.

It taught me to look and expect beauty every day. And I always find it!

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