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Nature Mandala

Do something interesting! Allow the gentle yet powerful voices of nature, art, and your own intuition to help understand yourself and your place in this world!

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My Eco-Art Wellness Workshops are not just about creating beautiful designs. They are about allowing the gentle but powerful voices of nature and art to help us better understand ourselves, our connections, and our place in this world. Each workshop is designed around a specific topic holding space for positive exploration with support from nature and each other. Workshops typically include creative time, introspective writing, creation of individual or group mandalas, and meaningful discussion.

Nature Mandala workshops provide unique, memorable, and positive experiences for learning and connecting. They are great for nature centers, schools, community groups, company team builds, professional development days, retreat centers, or just friends!


Workshops are flexible, but generally last between one and three hours depending on time allowed and number of participants. (Multiple workshops can be scheduled for the same or multiple days.) All materials are provided.


Please note that mandalas are ephemeral and will not be taken home. Photographs are encouraged. High resolution, edited photographs or video can be order separately in advance.


What Participants Are Saying . . . 

"Very moving. I got in touch with emotions I wasn't aware I was carrying. Loved the community witnessing, too." - Jenny X.


“It felt like a burst of oxygen.” - Patricia S. 


"Words honestly cannot convey the depth of these “workshops”, these experiences led by Ms.Adoette. She gathers us and gently leads us to engage, create and share. In exchange we are seen. We are heard. We are valued. It is a very powerful form of art therapy... Although the process begins as an introspective creation of an individual mandala, it shifts as we share our personal narratives and comments.  Our group bonds and it transitions to a communal experience, which creates this energy, which carries an expansive effect which remains within each participant long after each mandala has been disassembled." - Amy C.

". . . thank you for guiding us and showing me the beauty in circles. I am now seeing; creating; and thinking mandalas wherever I go. You ARE a prophet: PREACH!" - Leslie G.

"Thanks for making me realize how beautiful the world is." - 5th Grader from North Kingstown

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Beth Adoette grew up in the Appalachian Mountains with beech trees, hemlock, mountain streams, and chickadees in her hand. Once an editorial illustrator, she now concentrates on writing, illustrating, and photographing what she calls the “Contemplative Sacred Circles” she co-creates with nature. She also

designs and facilitates a variety of Eco-Art Wellness Workshops.


Beth holds a BFA in Fine Arts and has received certification in Eco-Art Therapy through Portland State University, Portland Oregon, and Project Nature Connect.


Mandala Workshops / Creating Individual Mandalas 



Re-centering is a powerful and vital practice done routinely to make sure we are not getting distracted from what is important in our lives. This workshop holds space to explore what is calling us in the present moment through the creation of beautiful, individual nature mandalas. Find support from a group of curious, like-minded people as we explore boundaries and intentions, and allow nature and art to help reset in a creative, intuitive way.



Life gets complicated and we can find ourselves distracted and unsure of the path we are on. Allow your intuition and the gentle, yet powerful voices of art and nature help you discern direction for your life. This workshop is not necessarily about the destination. It is about the path. Participants create individual nature mandalas to discover or remember the path that brings them joy with the opportunity to consider how current life choices line up with that direction.

DAY'S EYE (Adults)

Hundreds of years ago, the daisy was called “day’s eye” in England, and “the eye of the day” in Wales. These lovely names are derived from the way this flower pays attention as it opens its petals in the morning, turns to follow the sun’s path, and then closes back up at night and turns towards the east in anticipation of the sun. In this workshop, we take our cue from this humble yet wise flower, as we try to identify our daily intentions and create a nature mandala to act as a beautiful and practical reminder of our intentions.


This circle workshop is all about acknowledging and honoring the people who make up “family” at this moment, either through blood, love, or kindred spirit. Create a personal work of art that celebrates the people in your life using beautiful nature objects that capture their individual spirits to complete a beautiful whole. A beautiful workshop.


As the chambered nautilus grows, it creates and moves into larger chambers within its shell creating a beautiful fibonacci sequence. This ancient creature’s beauty, however, is more than shell deep. As it grows, it creates new chambers but continues to use the old compartments to navigate the ocean depths. In this workshop, we consider the different stages of our lives and see how we might use our past to help navigate the present and future. If you have ever felt you have lived many different lives, this workshop may be for you!


Many of us have practices or mental prompts to help center and calm ourselves either as a daily practice or during challenging moments. Whether you have a practice or would like to hear how others approach calming meditation, this workshop provides an opportunity to honor our meditation intentions and explore what they might look like in visual form. Participants create individual nature mandalas that can be used as beautiful reminders to meditate or use as meditation prompts themselves.

CREATING A SELF-PORTRAIT MANDALA (Adults, Middle School, High School)

A seemingly whimsical notion of seeing yourself as a mandala can be a powerful practice of self-care to help challenge beliefs about yourself, turn a page, move forward, or simply understand and love yourself a little better. Connect with a group of curious, creative, and supportive people as we make individual nature mandalas that represent and honor the wonderful, complicated, beautiful people we are!


This workshop begins with a brief introduction to the origins of Caim or Encircling Prayers. We think about what each of us needs for peace and protection in our lives. Then we challenge ourselves to expand our hope for peace to include others in a larger, more inclusive, and connected way. What does Peace look like for us as individuals? What does it look like for the world as one, connected Whole? Let’s try to envision what an intention, hope, or prayer may look like that not only seeks peace for ourselves, but for a much larger world in which we are inherently connected. An important workshop!


Winter is the season associated with the north, the earth, and grounding. As we enter into the busy holiday season and beyond, we are wise to take a much needed pause and consider what we naturally need during this time of year. Participants in this workshop will explore their own unique requirements for rest and create a nature mandala, or nest, that holds space for contemplation, recovery, regrouping, and rest. Enjoy holiday time with family and friends, but do not neglect the calling of nature that invites us to settle in and find rest.


The concept of four directions, like circles and mandalas, is embraced in many cultures and practices around the world. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. North, East, South, and West. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. The four directions remind us that we are part of something larger than ourselves. In this workshop, participants will consider different ways to incorporate the four directions into their life and then create an individual, ephemeral nature mandala from a large variety of natural objects. Use the image to remind yourself of the wisdom of cycles, or as a prompt in your own meditation, movement, or spiritual practice.


Take a different look at a popular 1963 children's book (written by Eleanor Thompson, illustrated by Aliki) that tells us what we can and cannot plant. It just might be time to plant your own dream seed and visualize what you need to do to help it grow. Be bold. Be creative. No holding back. No limitations. You decide what dream seed to plant.


Water, one of the four elements often associated with winter, embodies so many different forms on this earth. In this workshop, participants contemplate this fluid element to discover which form most closely relates to their own, individual lives in this present moment. Participants then create individual nature circles to dive deeper into understanding and celebrating how we live our best lives like water. One of my favorite workshops!


Earth is one of the four elements most often associated with autumn. For this workshop, we consider rocks, a form of the earth, that can hold powerful stories in our lives. Unlike the other workshops, participants are asked to bring something with them - a rock(s) that holds a personal story for them. These rocks are combined with other nature objects, provided by the facilitator, to create an individual story circles to honor their journey. At the end, everyone has an opportunity to tell their story. Listen to the rocks speak through art and through words!


AIR is the element often associated with Spring. In this exciting season of change, come create individual nature mandalas that explore and honor this element that connects each and every one of us. Learn, discuss, and even challenge yourself with the support of other curious, creative, and open-minded people as we consider how this element unashamedly, powerfully, and beautifully connects us all. A meaningful workshop!


FIRE In this workshop, we begin by contemplating the energy of the sun, the force that powerfully, yet gently, guides and sustains us all. Then we think about the gifts we have been given individually and visualize them with gratitude. Come explore the idea of gratitude as energy. Make space for nature and art to change or deepen our sense of gratitude as we create individual gratitude mandalas which capture and honor our blessings in this moment.


Contemplate the beautiful Canticle by St. Francis of Assisi in this workshop where we acknowledge and honor our creature siblings Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Stars, Brother Wind, Sister Water, Brother Fire, and Mother Sister Earth. We will consider our sibling relationship with these brothers and sisters and seek out what they are inviting us to embrace in our lives at this present moment.

BEAUTIFUL YOU. BEAUTIFUL US. (Adults, Middle School, High School)

This multi-step workshop is an extension of "The Big Circle" workshop that gives participants the opportunity to first create an individual mandalas and then contribute to the creation of a large, group circle. Participants explore the beauty of their individual gifts and contemplate their contribution to the world as a whole.


This workshop offers young people the opportunity to unplug and be in the moment while exploring beautiful nature objects. Participants will be introduced to nature mandala art by viewing selected artist photographs, and then they have the opportunity create their own individual circle. The workshop also includes short, descriptive and introspective writing. Participation in this workshop can count towards the Girl Scout Art in the Outdoors or Art in Nature Badges!

Cooperative (Group) Mandala Workshops for Larger Groups (Libraries, Schools, Community Groups or Events)

THE BEAUTY OF CONNECTION: Artist Talk and Group Mandala Experience (Adults) Contemplate the beauty of nature and what it can teach us about our connection to the natural world and to each other in this workshop that includes artist talk and cooperative nature mandala experience.One large, cooperative mandala will be created. Experience the power of beauty and connection! (Videos or photographs from this workshop can be ordered separately.)

THE BIG CIRCLE (Adults, Middle School, High School)

A unique experience where participants create a group, cooperative mandala to gain a new perspective of their contribution to the whole, as well as gaining appreciation and mutual respect for their peers. This workshop helps build community emphasizing that no one part (or person) is more important, or less important than any other. 

Land Art Mandala Workshops

Reciprocity (Adults) This workshop is truly a unique opportunity to co-create with nature in special places. We consider gratitude and reciprocity as we interact and co-create with the trees, plants, and other residents. Mandalas are created with objects from the ground and left in the woods. Group discussion follows. Connect with the trees, the landscape, and other open-minded people as we consider the language and gifts of connection. 


Accessibility Note: Workshops may include walking on uneven ground which may be muddy in spots. Appropriate footwear is recommended. Circles will be created on or near the ground. If you are not comfortable standing for long periods of time or sitting on the ground, consider bringing a lightweight flexible chair. 



Nature mandala workshops can be tailored for middle school, high school, or homeschool students. These workshops create space for memorable experiences and opportunity to be in the moment, observe, and interact with nature and each other. Art, nature, and sometimes introspective writing prompts invite self-reflection, respect, and inclusion. Workshop options allow students to create individual mandalas, group mandalas, or both. 

Third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades may include an introduction to different designs in nature (i.e. circle, spiral, bilateral symmetry, radial symmetry)mandalas, and beauty, all while encouraging observational skills. Junior high and high school classes may include introspective writing and contemplation of how they individually relate to nature and each other. Optional group mandalas emphasize how no one is more or less important than any other, and how each is necessary to the whole.

Professional Development Days


Nature mandala workshops are a great way for teachers to connect, encourage, and create during professional development days. Teachers can not only get ideas to use with their students, they can also strengthen their professional relationships through discussion, encouragement, and self-reflection. 

Artist Talks


Artist Talk: Co-Creating with Nature - The Nature Mandalas of Beth Adoette


Artist Talk and Cooperative Mandala Experience: From Paying Attention to Transformation - Nature’s invitation to Authenticity and Change 


Images from a teacher professional development day, eco-art wellness workshop, elementary art class, and co-operatve mandala from a women's retreat. 

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