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Touching The Ground Again

"Standing in A Burn Pile... " - Beth Adoette

Tiny flowers on my inside window sill picked on my first post self-isolation walk.

Yesterday I touched the ground again after nearly two weeks of self-isolation in a second-story apartment building. The large, suburban park where we walked was nearly empty. It was, and is, surreal. While there is an incredible range of experiences during this pandemic, we can agree that we have certain things in common. This is what I have been thinking about, increasingly, over the past few months, weeks, days, moments.

We are all connected.

We all experience uncertainty.

The earth is still spinning.

So, this seems like a perfect time to consider two new projects. I have had requests for online eco-art wellness workshops. I was also considering creating a closed Facebook group where we can connect, share, and learn from each other through conversation, eco-art, and nature mandalas.

I would so appreciate if you would share any ideas you have for these two projects. What subjects would you like to address in a workshop? What practices would you like to encourage? What things would you like to discuss? How would you like to connect?

I value your input! You can e-mail me HERE.

Please be aware and stay safe! Consider the well being of others as you do your own.

© Beth Adoette​


Coming Soon!

I am reviewing proofs and making final changes to my second book, Beauty Is. It is a collection of thoughts about Beauty and ninety photographs from two and a half year's of daily mandalas. Look for it soon on my website and Amazon!



Wake up to a "Good Morning Circle". An invitation to pause, breathe, and contemplate the wonders of nature. Or use as a reminder to reflect on an intention, meditate, or pray. Follow on facebook or instagram to see a new circle every day!

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