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The Necessary Pause

I love walking train tracks. They are interesting, challenging, full of clues to thousands of stories. In the urban area where I live, they hold lots of debris, glass, broken train parts, trash, splitting and buried ties. Here, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to each step. So I watch my feet. Get lost in the details. Get lost in the repetition. In the process, I can easily lose sight of exactly where I am. All of the sudden, I have walked blocks past where I intended to turn off the tracks.

It is the same thing with walking in the woods. Rocks. Mud. Roots. You don't want to hurt delicate creatures under your feet, and you don't want to get hurt yourself. On less defined trails, it is extremely easy to get lost while looking only at your feet.

I love little details. I absolutely love looking at the tiny things at my feet! I was born to do that! Unfortunately that can make me vulnerable to losing my way. So I have become very aware of the necessity to pause when I walk . . . and in life.

One practice I started a couple years ago is to stop along the trail occasionally and embrace the moment as a threshold. Adding a pause anywhere allows me to seemingly enter the trail again as if it was the beginning. It is a pause. It is a beginning again. It is a way of keeping perspective.

So go! Get lost in the interesting and beautiful details. But don't forget to look up at big picture. It, too, is beautiful! The vistas. The grandness. The accomplishments. The progress. The journey.

© Beth Adoette


My Third Book!

Now Available on Amazon!

What did I do during my fourteen days of self-isolation due to the pandemic when I couldn't see my children or grandchildren? I made them a book! Find Me in Circles & Squares: A Visual Scavenger Hunt, is now available on Amazon!

In this celebration of nature's intricate beauty, the curious of all ages are invited on a visual scavenger hunt. Using nature mandalas and additional compositions, the photographs give the viewer an opportunity to get lost in the details and begin a practice of looking for beauty in nature all around them.

Order on Amazon here! (It will be available on my web site in a few weeks.)


Online RECENTERING Mandala Class

ONLINE RECENTERING MANDALA CLASS begins June 10. Click to learn more.

Life moves quickly and things change constantly! It is easy to lose perspective. Or sometimes you find yourself at a crossroad where it is helpful to step back and see the big picture. Let art and nature help you reset in a creative, intuitive way.

This is a self-paced, online class that allows you to connect with others through photographs, writing, and discussion. The length of the class varies depending on the number of participants. Activities are spread out over a few days. Then everyday, a new student mandala and writing are uploaded allowing for thoughtful discussion. Get insights with your instructor and your peers! Connect. Create. Learn.


A BEAUTIFUL MANDALA IN YOUR E-MAIL INBOX EVERY DAY! Never miss a daily circle. Use it as an invitation to pause, breathe, and contemplate the wonders of nature. Or use as a reminder to reflect on an intention, be grateful, meditate, or pray.

MONDAY MANDALA Challenge yourself to create and share a photo of your own nature mandala every week! These are open ended and can simply be an expression of gratitude and creation, honoring the moment. Upload photos on Mondays, be blessed by the work of others in the group, and get insightful feedback from your new circle of friends!

SHARE YOUR WORLD Remind yourself to get out into the nature and share a photo of your practice or adventure from the week! Especially now, this is a great way to see the world through and with others! Share your photo on Saturday!

DISCOUNTS Receive 20% off all Eco-Art Therapy classes at plus special discounts on books, prints, cards, etc. on

A BIG THANK YOU! Know that you are playing an important role by contributing your voice in this community! Your monthly support of $10. helps the group grow!

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