Finding the "Sacred"

Cedar cones and dried calendula petals in the snow.

I often call the little nature mandalas I co-create with nature "Contemplate Sacred Circles". I think that captures it. But it does, perhaps, sound more complicated that it is. To me, the word "Sacred" is not mysterious. I define sacred as something beautiful, set apart to mark a particular time and place. For me, it is usually not grand or complicated. It is the recognition of the honest beauty of small things. Something becomes "sacred' when I slow down, become present, see the beauty, and honor the connection.

The little circle above is made of cedar cones and dried calendula petals. It was created in a snowstorm, during a pandemic, in my city parking lot, with a drug deal spontaneously going on nearby. But to me it is sacred because it marks the beauty I found in that moment.

Right now, many of us seem to have more time on our hands because of the pandemic. Why not create a sacred moment to honor the simple beauty you can find in this time and place.

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