A Gentle But Urgent Reminder

When I participate in art festivals, I am often asked which circles are my favorites. I guess if I thought about it, I do love to look at some more than others because of their visual aesthetics. There are circles, however, that feel even more special because of the message they seem to convey. For me, the nature mandala above fits both categories. These small berries (Japanese silver berries, third year juniper berries, second year juniper berries, bayberries, bittersweet berries) were all collected on an early morning walk in Rhode Island. They create a gentle yet vibrant design. The glory is the berries' verity and diversity. To me, that is the message. Each is being exactly what it is created to be, and doing it so wonderfully!

As I meditate on the image, I can't help but think that nature is showing us a representation of a healthy and beautiful whole. Imagine the circle made of just one type of berry. It would not be nearly as interesting. Here, the group is strong and gorgeous because all of all the parts!

Each of us has been given different gifts for a reason. We need to fill our part of the circle in order for it to be not just interesting and beautiful, but to be healthy, strong, and complete. The world needs us to do what we were created to do, and do it to the utmost! We need climate modellers and wildfire fighters. We need protesters and poets. We need umpires and bat boys. We need artists and window washers. If we want the world to be a better, happier, healthier, and more balanced place, then we all need to really, really focus our efforts on what we were meant to do. Don't procrastinate or give up. Your talents are important! It is urgent!

What colors do you bring to the circle?