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A Circle Has No Sides

It has been about five years since I began exploring circles both visually and philosophically. My interest began during my coursework in Eco-Art Therapy and has continued to expand, just as circles do, to help me understand basic principles of life in profound ways. There is, after all, no end to a circle's widening. No end to its inclusion. And so the beauty and understanding grows.

For instance, it is true that all things in nature are connected. It is a fact. It is science. But we often either forget or act as if human beings are excluded. But we are ALL part of nature and therefore ALL connected. This is not theoretical nor cliche. Whether we like it or not, friend or foe, we are all hitched. All subject to the same laws of nature. Feeling the same pull of gravity. Experiencing the wind on our backs or faces. And all sharing one beautiful, complicated, collective breath.

In this year we call 2020, there have been so many opportunities to become polarized and forget we are all connected, all parts of the whole. The recent political atmosphere has certainly epitomized the "Us versus Them" mentality, as do the profound racial and economic inequalities. And the current pandemic brings to light the urgency and responsibility to realize we all share a collective breath and common goals.

Going into this long awaited new year, I challenge you this. When you begin to feel frustrated, agitated, confused, or emotional about the world in which you find yourself, pause, breathe deeply, think creatively and compassionately. The reality is that on this three dimensional circle we call earth, there are no sides. No "Us verses Them". Only Us.


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Wishing you peace this holiday season!!!

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