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Field 2019

“...wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking." ~ Antonio Machado

One of the most important lessons I learned while completing my coursework in Eco-Art Therapy is the importance of shedding expectations. I didn't learn this through a book or one particular assignment. I learned it through experience. Often our lessons required us to go out and work in the landscape. Early on, I would read the assignment and almost immediately know where I was going to go and what I was going to create. I anticipated. I visualized. I felt confident and secure.

Unfortunately, or I would say fortunately, the assignment would fall flat. I was learning nothing new. So for awhile, the routine became venturing out to work on the assignment not once, but twice. The second run through approaching the work without any preconceived ideas was always amazing!

What happens when we leave behind our expectations in our work, in our lives, and in our relationships? We venture into the unknown. There is vulnerablity, risk, uncertainty. We leave the path and blaze a new one. Basically, it is an adventure - an adventure of the mind and spirit adventure, with rewards of joy, freedom, and open-mindedness.

Now when I conduct eco-art workshops, I encourage people to approach the work without expectations, inviting intuition and instinct to show up and speak to us. When this happens, when we are surprised, the results are nothing less than magic.

How do we practice leaving our expectations behind in life? Children do it all the time! They do not have a large bank of references or experiences so they show up with openness and pure freedom. When we practice openness, we experience joy, surprise, and awe! That is what I am seeking in life. I try to leave expectations behind, seek out adventure, blaze a new path, and look for beautiful surprises. The good news is that when we do this, we will find magic.


Two Workshops This Weekend!

I am so pleased to be bringing one of my favorite workshops, "Water is a Verb" to the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, MA on Saturday, June 10! Join and contribute to a conversation about the many different forms of water and think about how one may represent you in this current moment. Then allow your intuition to create a beautiful ephemeral nature mandala to explore and honor that part of you. Register here!

Because of the rain last weekend, "In the Presence of Trees" has been rescheduled. Now we have a second chance with this unique workshop that combines forest therapy, land art, and gratitude. Come to Osamequin Farm (Seekonk, MA) on Sunday, June 11 to a unique learning experience. Participants will have the opportunity to create an ephemeral mandala in a New England pine grove! Find more information and links to register here!


Festivals and Markets!

From now through the end of the year, I will be showing at festivals almost every weekend in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, and North Carolina. See my regularly updated schedule and find out what I will be bringing to each of these markets here!

Not close to you? You can always shop online here!


Want to support my thinking, writing, and creating time? Consider buying me a cup of coffee here . . . .


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