There is a Purple Aster Growing in The Burn Pile.

Good Morning Circle By Beth Adoette

It has been a year since the white asters bloomed in the middle of the woods where I sat alone and finally faced the emotions of my earliest trauma. The experience was buried, so hard to access. But I carried it with me. I was young and I was only able to process my experience by transferring the emotions to the image of a terrified, young girl who never spoke and never, ever stopped running. (That, and one terrifying, recurring nightmare). Last year, using nonverbal Eco-Art Therapy, I finally allowed the scared, tired girl to tell me her story and in doing so, she was finally able to stop running. The circle I created that day to help work through it all was made of ferns, white aster petals, and charcoal from an abandoned fire in the woods.

When I made that circle last year, people were not talking about trauma and sexual assault like they are now. The recent political fiascos have stirred up so many emotions for so many wounded people. There is an incredible amount of pain being remembered by millions of women, all at the same time. And to see how their stories are received with skepticism, callousness, and insensitivity is even more heart breaking!