The Extraordinary Ordinary

Good Morning Circle By Beth Adoette

I am moving again. It is, if I am counting correctly, move number twenty-six. This time, I am excited to start an adventure in an urban area. While I will still be able to easily drive to the ocean and woods where I love to walk, instead of having beech trees and turkeys outside my window, I will have pavement.

But there is a big maple tree at the other side of the parking lot and I have been told there are plans to plant the only tree on the property outside my window. I am excited!

Yesterday I took a break from the endless furniture rearranging, still unfinished, to walk over to the maple tree. There had been wind and some of the tree's helicopters seeds had already taken flight. I gathered some in my hands. Inside, I would photograph them after I finished a circle of tulip petals I had started.

During the photo session, I accidentally took a wide shot capturing the entire work area. In one corner was a crab shell I often try to incorporate, but have not found a place for yet. In the other corner sat the pile of winged seeds waiting their moment in the spotlight.