"I lift up my eyes... "

"I lift up my eyes... " - Beth Adoette

Some days are harder than others! Today was one of those days. A simple car repair reveals other issues. A root canal (bad enough, right?) turns into something worse. On this kind of day, I have to look outside myself for strength.

I remember the words I had painted on a wall in my house over fifteen years ago, just around the time I was going through breast cancer. These words, attributed to someone thousands of miles away, over a thousand years ago read, "I lift up my eyes to the mountains - where does my help come from?"

What I really like about this first sentence recording his journey to find strength, is the fact that he starts with a question and that he looks to nature to help guide him. I love that!

It is my character to take my time with big questions. To wrestle with them. To find the answers through experience rather than from the words of someone else. So today, like so many other days, I go back to nature and ask "...where does my he