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So What Have We Learned?

I openly admit a lot of emotions came to the surface as I walked through the hospital doors to get my covid-19 vaccine. Hope. Apprehension. Vulnerability. Gratitude. Relief. Taking a moment to pause outside the door, I learned I was not alone. One of the volunteers shared that many people were coming in with emotions on the surface. It has been a tumultuous time, met with sometimes tumultuous emotions. I took off my coat sleeve while still holding onto the rock I brought in my pocket for courage and grounding, and got the J&J vaccine.

Since starting my journey in the field of Eco-Art Therapy, I have spent a great deal of time pondering the fact that all of us on this planet are connected. This pandemic has surely reinforced this fact in so many ways. Consider how and how fast the virus spread from one person to millions around the world. It spread through our one, collective breath! That is connection. And think about how we felt the loss of connection during periodic isolations. They impacted both body and soul.

So what have we learned? We are all deeply connected! And hopefully we have learned that the "us vs them" mentality is not only selfish, but absurd!

So, bring a rock if you have to, pick up some fresh flowers and chocolate pudding for yourself on the way home, indulge in some Netflix and HBO to distract from the discomfort for a day (yep did all that) and do your part for the collective us. It's not all about you. It’s all about us.


Twenty-Seven Giclee' Prints Available! View Them Here.

So excited to make available limited edition, 18x18 inch giclee prints of twenty-seven of my pencil drawings. Twelve are from my book "A Year of Sacred Circles" and many have just been completed within the last, few months. Take a look!



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