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Framingham High School, Framingham, MA

I am writing this letter of support for Beth Adoette. Beth visited my students on two separate days and did a marvelous job! Her work is so inspirational and as an environmental science teacher, I greatly appreciate how she guides students to personally connect to nature and help them see beauty everywhere.


Her ability to work with students of all ages and all intellectual abilities is clearly evident. Her relaxed and calming demeanor helped students feel comfortable to express themselves. The students’ creativity shined through and I was amazed by the nature mandalas they produced. Beth encouraged students to do whatever they wanted; there were no rules, other than they should have fun! They clearly did!


The students and teachers participating in Beth’s sessions enjoyed their time so much that we plan on having her back yearly to do this workshop. I cannot recommend her enough to any organization/ group considering having Ms. Adoette run a workshop or learning experience. It was truly cathartic for me to experience nature in another way. Beth’s message will stay with me forever; it is so important we try and find the beauty around us because all living things are connected in many ways. This is a message that will benefit many to hear and I hope she will continue to run workshops such as these so more people can find their connection to nature.


Rebecca Maynard
Environmental Science and Biology Teacher/ Environmental Awareness Club Co-advisor Framingham High School

Hamilton Elementary, North Kingstown,RI

I am an elementary art teacher in Rhode Island. This past year I hired the incredible nature mandala artist, Beth Adoette, to come to our school and teach my three fifth grade classes how to create these beautiful pieces of art.


Beth came to my classroom fully prepared with samples of her work, a plethora of beautiful & unusual pieces of nature in little boxes, cake board rounds, and her wealth of creative knowledge as an artist. My students used cake board rounds as their base and chose different pieces of nature to create their radial designs. My classes were fully engaged and so excited to create their own mandalas. Each child created a unique and absolutely beautiful piece of art. After they all finished, we all gathered around each work of art discussing them one by one.


Beth led each discussion asking pointed questions and drawing thoughtful responses from each student. They had conversations about their thought process and choices. It was truly an awakening for my students. They realized the beauty of nature that the world holds all around them can be used in any artistic creation.


Later that week, many of my students wrote Beth and me thank you notes. One powerful note said, “Thank you for making me realize how beautiful the world is”. I think that said it all.


Thank you, Beth, for your kindness and artistic talent and for teaching me, my students, and the world how to stop and pay more attention to the beauty that surrounds us. I highly recommend her classes to everyone.


R. Kasparian

Hamilton Elementary School

North Kingstown, RI

Sequoia and King's Canyon Volunteer in the Park

I am thrilled to offer Beth Adoette my recommendation for the position of workshop instructor. Beth’s work help people to recontextualize nature and themselves by going more deeply into both. Her work is breathtaking and it always helps me to redefine natural objects.


I was lucky enough to meet Beth in a workshop I led in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park in 2015. I immediately recognized her humanity and sensitivity and was thrilled to see how well that translated into her drawings. I’ve followed Beth’s work since that time and it has only become more rich and personal. This talent coupled with her kindness will give students a new way of understanding both nature and art. I give Beth Adoette my recommendation without reservation.




Ann Brantingham

Volunteer in Parks

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

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