First Totem Drawing Prints and Cards

I am pleased to announce that the first eight Totem Drawing cards and prints are now available!

The cards are blank inside and have a totem thought printed on the reverse. (Available online and at most events)

The images are also available in limited edition 12 x 12 inch prints. (Available online and at most events)

I also have selected limited edition framed 5 x 5 and 12 x 12 inch prints framed. (Available at most events)

Or find them all at this month's Open Studio event on March 19 at 211 Columbus Ave., Pawtucket, RI from noon until 5 pm.


One More Workshop . . . in Massachusetts!

Going down towards the Cape!

AIR Element: The Great Connector Mandala Workshop / April 21, 6 pm

Elizabeth Taber Library, Marion, MA

Come contemplate and celebrate the AIR element as you create a nature mandala to explore and honor this element that represents spring. Learn, discuss, and perhaps challenge yourself with other curious, creative, and open-minded people as we consider how this element powerfully connects us all.

Pre-registration is suggested. Call 508-748-1252

Or check out this link for my complete (and always being updated) workshop and show schedule.


Upcoming Open Studio! Come say hello!

211 Columbus Avenue, Pawtucket, RI Noon to at least 5 pm. Lots of great artists including at least three others in Studio 230 with me!

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